Atlantic Manor – “The World Beneath This World Is Brightening”

Album Reviews | May 31st, 2010

Record Label: Do Too Records
Genre: Indie
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Atlantic Manor’s new one is another collection of silky, lengthy lullabies (the opener is 15 minutes long), and, again, they are serene instead of insipid. Their dreamy, leisurely pace lowers blood pressure and slows down heart rates without boring one to tears. As a busy New Yorker on the go, I find it remarkable how suddenly a stroll with Atlantic Manor mesmerizes me.

Their warm brew can be described as a gentle puree of lo-fi, dream-pop, and twangy singer-songwriterdom, but there are no hipster theatrics here – the music is simple and effortless.

With just enough drone and fuzz to offer some relative dissonance, “The World” is melodically narcotic. It’s chicken soup, or perhaps codeine, for the indie rock soul.

Bottom Line: Ask your doctor if Atlantic Manor is right for you.
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