Bang Camaro – “Bang Camaro II”

Album Reviews | By on Apr 10th, 2009

Record Label: Black Swords Records
Genre: Anthem Rock
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Rock on Boston! It’s time for some arena rock with Bang Camaro! I can’t believe there are bands that still play this stuff and try to take themselves seriously. It’s one thing to have Def Leppard or Whitesnake out there playing music still, but at least they were a part of the arena rock scene in the 80s. These guys just act like poseurs. With that said, this album isn’t that bad.

Bang Camaro II consists of a few guitarists, drummer, and quite the variety of singers. Their band might have a ska band beat with how many members are in the band. There’s not one lead singer..nope there are several; sometimes more than one per song. Each song contains rock anthems minus the spandex and big hair. I’m only assuming they don’t own spandex. Believe it or not, I didn’t hate this album. I just think it’s funny that a band is out there playing arena rock. The band isn’t heavy metal per say, but they do have a few songs that make me think of it like “Can’t Stop The Night” and “Night Lies.” I think the only problem with this band and this album are the vocals. There are too many singers, and the quality of the vocals on the CD aren’t that good. It should be the prime focus, and it just gets lost among the guitars and drums. I think the backing band sounds great though.

Bottom Line: If they stuck with just one singer, I think I’d like this better.
Notable Tracks: Night Lies, Can’t Stop The Night
Overall Rating:


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