Bastard Fairies, The “Memento Mori”

Album Reviews | Jun 23rd, 2007

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Record Label: Adrenaline Music
Genre: Pop
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So from what I’ve figured out, The Bastard Fairies became somewhat of an internet phenomenon thanks, in part, to a ‘commercial’ for the band posted on YouTube called ‘The Coolest 8 Year Old In the World Talks About O’Reilly’ (and yes, she is pretty darn cool). The Duo – a female vocalist and a musician/programmer garnered much of their fanbase due to the internet, especially via music videos. And I give props to the band for making the most of free online resources to get their name known.

That said, they’re really nothing special. Equal parts electro-pop and uninspired rootsy folk, the music is neither engaging nor all too memorable. Yellow Thunder Woman, the vocalist, has a nice if unsubstantial voice, and her lyrics tend to be all over the place. The songs are by no means bad, but they lack the hooks or musical panache to warrant repeated listens.

However, the biggest problem with this album is that it’s too damn long. At 17 songs and 55 minutes, it feels like an eternity just to get through, mostly because there’s little consistency from song to song. The genre-hopping is interesting, but ultimately, the Fairies sound too often like a different group depending on the song. If this were 10 or 11 tracks – the better ones – I might have reconsidered, but no, it just keeps going. Sometimes shorter is sweeter.

Bottom Line: Unexciting electro-pop that goes on and on.
Notable Tracks: The Greatest Love Song, A Case Against Love
Overall Rating: