Bears! Bears! Bears! -“Every Piece Counts”

Album Reviews | Jan 9th, 2017

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Record Label: Self-Released
Genre: Ska Punk
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Formerly a six-piece, currently a seven-piece; Bears! Bears! Bears! are back with their second EP in a little over a years’ time.

Once again, Bears! Bears! Bears! has impressed me with one hell of a collection of fast, catchy and melodic ska punk tunes. In true DIY form the band had a hand in every aspect of releasing this EP and you can hear the maturity and growth a short period of time. The track levels are better, the recording sounds tight and they did a great job of capturing the energy of the band.

You can also hear the growth in their songs as well. It’s not a night and day difference between “Every Piece Counts” and “Bad News Bears! Bears! Bears!” but they have been honing their craft with strong songwriting and some damn good fresh ska punk songs with a really solid rhythm section and a powerful horn section. “Highs And Lows” is one of my new favorite tracks. It’s such a fun song but with some poignant lyrics about getting through life. It’s a fine example of what Bears! Bears Bears! does right.

Bears! Bears Bears! are an up-and-coming yet extremely underrated ska punk band that needs to be heard and if you want to do just that, check them out on Bandcamp where all of their music is available for a “name your own price” option.

Bottom Line: Ska punk from Rhode Island that is reminiscent of 90s third wave but sounds all fresh and new-like.
Notable Tracks: Every Piece Counts, Highs And Lows, Hold Back
Overall Rating:


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