Becca – “Alive”

Album Reviews | May 29th, 2010

Record Label: Sony
Genre: Girl Rock
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Is this Paramore? Sony seems like they are trying to sell Becca as the next Paramore or some other band like that. But I guess that’s what people will say when they hear girl rockers like Hayley Williams, Michelle Branch or I’d hate to say it, Avril “Latrine.”

Becca’s album “Alive” is her first debut full-length. Apparently Becca has been singing since she was born, and has been a big star in Japan. This music isn’t really bad or anything, I just think with bands and singers like this, they will get pigeon-holed or be called a rip-off. Plus, this seems like you’d hear this type of music in High School Musical or 90210; Some high school TV drama crap. I think Becca will appeal to whiny teenage girls mostly, but for everyone; listen to something more interesting, less poppy & cookie cutter.

Bottom Line: Boring and typical girl rocker music
Notable Tracks: Shibuya
Overall Rating:


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