Bill and Phil – “Songs Of Darkness and Despair”

Album Reviews | By on Jan 19th, 2017

Bill & Phil - Sounds of Darkness and Despair

Record Label: Housecore Records
Genre: Rock, Metal, Shock Rock
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This a collaboration between renowned Horror actor Bill Moseley and the metal front man of Pantera/Down/Superjoint Ritual/etc Phil Anselmo. The album has a very loose/laid back feel, both musically and production, which adds a great natural element where songs seem raw and organically. A huge reason to why it sounds the way it does is they improvised and recorded these 6 songs in 3 days. The loose production might be tough to listen to on early tracks, but it straightens up later on.

Phil contributes mostly instrumentally with some sparse backing vocals and most of the work here is more similar to Down if you had to compare it to any of his other projects. The big thing here would be Bill Moseley on vocals. Most tracks have a haunting similarity to late 60s/70s vocalists and earlier songs like “Dirty Eye” and “Corpus Crispy” have a Jim Morrison vibe. I wasn’t really aware Bill was this musical and he shines a ton on this in ways you might want to take notice. In some songs like “Bad Donut” he delivers a narrative similar to one of my personal favorite characters he’s done Otis Driftwood from ‘House of 1000 Corpses/Devils Rejects’ fame.

Bottom Line: It’s not that bad of an EP, maybe at times This EP goes a lot of different ways, but if you’re a fan of Bill’s movies and/or really dig that darker 60s/70s. This is also a great showcase for Phil as well showing off a less metal side, maybe a little bit of redemption for some of his bad judgment in the past 2 years.
Notable Tracks: Dirty Eye, Bad Donut, Catastrophic
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