Bison B.C. – “Quiet Earth”

Album Reviews | Nov 8th, 2008

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Record Label: Metal Blade Records
Genre: Metal
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Not to be confused with the ska band of similar name, Bison B.C. play a furious form of thrash metal that holds a special place in this reviewers heart.

Quiet Earth starts out with a furious song that is very reminiscent of later Slayer and seemingly sets the listener up for one hell of a listen. By the end of the album Im somewhat disappointed by the outcome. While the band has the thrash metal sound down to a tee and manage to switch things up with some classic viking metal sounds, the vocals (or lack thereof) really kill this album. The lead singer doesnt have any range and towards the end of the album it seem that he just gives up singing entirely because he knows that he doesnt have any range.

Bottom Line: Quiet Earth might have been better as an instrumental album but where’s the metal in that?
Notable Tracks: Wendigo Pt. 1 (Quest For Fire), Medication
Overall Rating:


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