blessthefall “His Last Walk”

Album Reviews | By on May 20th, 2007

Record Label: Science Records
Genre: Screamo
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Ah, Christian screamo. My favourite.

When I was in about grade eight, there was about a six month period that I was obsessed with Christian punk bands. What made it most ironic was that I’m Jewish. I had a friend whose mother was able to get him albums by Tooth and Nail bands for free, so we were really into bands like MxPx, Value Pac, Slick Shoes, the OC Supertones, and some other ones that I can’t remember. It was funny how it gave me some sort of immunity towards ‘religious music’, which in many secular streams is pretty much panned for being subpar before it even starts. But I mean, I was always jealous of church. My friend played in his church’s band. He got to ROCK in church. At synagogue, there were no instruments, and all of the songs were really sad and boring – and not even in English!

It makes me wonder whether or not blessthefall were at one point the band who played in a church. Perhaps it was there that they decided that the best way to spread His word was through nu-metal influenced screamo, filled with every cliche of the genre, and a heavy religious influence. I wonder what happened the first time they played this music for their God-loving parents. And I seriously wonder what their parents think about men wearing eye makeup.

Anyways, I really don’t like screamo. I don’t see the value of the shouting mixed with the sung vocals – either do one or the other. Especially because it ends up being so predictable – guy screams verse, other guy sings chorus, screamer guy sounds like he’s really trying to get a turd out. Then some musical break, a crazy solo, some double kick action, and voila! Every song has more or less the same dynamic, similar melodic structure, and by the end of a couple songs, I’m ready to explode.

If there’s anything I can say about these guys, it’s that they’re VERY musically talented. And this seems to be rare in the emo/screamo world, where it seems like the only thing bands need to do is pose. This band has two very talented guitarist, a steady bassist, and a totally solid metal drummer. Almost makes me wish these guys could diversify the sound a bit, perhaps do something a bit more sonically interesting. I don’t even mind the religious overtones, at least they’re not singing about being beaten up by girls.

Bottom Line: If you’re Christian and like screamo, this is your album. But if not, avoid.
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