Brutally Frank “One For The Road”

Album Reviews | By on May 15th, 2007

Record Label: Zero Youth Records
Genre: Psycho punk rock-abilly
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This fucking CD kicked my ass like what a room full of Andre the Giants would do to a room full of Koko B. Ware’s. In about two seconds flat, I went from lounging in my computer chair to running around my room pumping my fists and kicking my cats. It was brutal.

I would feel wrong about labeling Brutally Frank as a pychobilly band. They are more link punk rock insaneabilly. There really isn’t much rockabilly that shows up on this disc. To make an accurate comparison to their sound you would have to put in some Blood For Blood with the vocals cranked up really high and then put on some Tiger Army on top of that, but you would have to speed them up about four times. God, I love the stand up bass on just about everything. It’s one of my weaknesses.

So what else do I have to say about Brutally Frank? Well, there were some guitar solos that showed up that ripped so hard and fast that my wallpaper started to peel from the walls. The bass was slapped so fast that even my fingers were feeling and all I was doing was typing this review. I would have to recommend to the lead singer that he should probably quit smoking because it sounds like he just swallowed a bag full of razors and glass shards. Dicky Barrett sounds like an opera singer compared to this guy. And the funny thing is, it works perfectly with the music.

Brutal vocals…brutally guitars…brutal music…I guess that’s why the band took the moniker of Brutally Frank…because they are fucking brutal and I keep coming back for more. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Here kitty kitty!

Bottom Line: Hands down, the craziest punk/psycho/rockabilly I have ever laid witness to.
Notable Tracks: The Truth, Fast Eddy, Deep Throat, Brutally Frank
Overall Rating: