Burning Season “Onward Anthem”

Album Reviews | Jun 16th, 2007

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Record Label: Eulogy Recordings
Genre: Metalcore
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Note to Bands: Just play metal and don’t try to sing. I don’t know how many times I have put on an album where it starts all metal with some screaming and I actually think it’s gonna be okay. Than there’s someone singing like a fruitcake in the background and whining about something. It just makes me dislike any bands that try to do this style. Which believe me, there are a shitload of bands doing this style since it seems that’s the only albums I get sent to review. All biased opinions aside, the band is okay. I think they sound better when the dude is screaming and the music is hard. But when it starts to get all soft, it makes me roll my eyes. Fans of this genre will like this album but I didn’t (if you haven’t noticed).

Bottom Line: Scream, Don’t sing
Notable Tracks: Something More
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