Business, The “Hardcore Hooligans”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Burning Heart/ BYO Records
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The Business are back again, but his time the songs are all about football, “soccer” to us stupid Americans. Why is it called soccer anyway? Either way, I hate soccer but the Business make me want to watch it, and sing these songs at the games! It’s like The Pogues’ “Jack’s Heroes” song that makes me want to watch soccer as well. I wish they make the fields smaller, and make it more exciting, that’s all. Back to the album, I’m surprise someone could wrote a song about soccer, yet the Business have 12! The songs are catchy and are bound to be sung at the pubs. So check it out you crazed football hooligans!

Bottom Line: Business/OI! fans will want to get this. Or if you just love music about football.
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