C. AArmé “S/T”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Burning Heart/ Epitaph
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I’m really sick of the Swedish invasion bands, the same old junk that record labels love now. C.Aarmé also has an obnoxious logo, it’s from a sticker it looks like, and it’s all ripped up and hard to make out what it says. The press release doesn’t think this band is from that Swedish invasion but that’s a bunch of tripe. I kind of dread reviewing these types of bands because let’s face it, I’m closed minded when it comes to garage rock bands. Though. The band has a few decent tracks but all these Swedish bands sound the same to me. I’m sure the kids will eat this shut up though. I’d suggest downloading an mp3 of the label’s website and checking them out before buying this one.

Bottom Line: Generic Swedish garage rock.
Notable Tracks: “Visions” “Moron”
Overall Rating: