Call Me Malcolm – Me, Myself and Something Else

Album Reviews | May 11th, 2020

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Record Label: Wiretap Records
Genre: Punk/Ska
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Call Me Malcolm are a South London, UK 5-piece who were inspired by the third wave of ska but also take cues from the modern punk rock scene.

“Me, Myself and Something Else” is their current release via Wiretap Records and showcases a sound that is reminiscent of both US and UK third wave ska punk bands such as Citizen Fish, Howard’s Alias, Streetlight Manifesto and Edna’s Goldfish but with socially-charged wordsmithing that is reminiscent of Bad Religion and Pennywise.

There is a fun dynamic to Call Me Malcolm’s style. They easily blend garage rock pogo guitar riffs with punk rock and horn-heavy ska parts. Early on in the beginning of the album, it seems somewhat repetitive but the latter three quarters of the album make up for it when they break from that formula for fast-paced ska punk songs like the palindrome-riffic “NowsirawariswoN” or “I Met All The Beasts In Your Thoughts” or go more punk rock with “Sleepwalk With Me”. I also can’t forget to mention to goofy tongue-in-cheek news broadcast tracks sprinkled throughout.

“Me, Myself and Something Else” is a fun, unique addition to the eclectic genre that is ska punk. Call Me Malcolm sound familiar enough but definitely bring their own style with some influences that aren’t usually associated with the genre and it works.

Bottom Line: “Me, Myself and Something Else” is like a foggy memory that blurs together until you think on it for a bit…then it becomes clear and familiar. Then you start skanking and bouncing up and down and you don’t know why.
Notable Tracks: NowsirawariswoN, I Met All The Beasts In Your Thoughts, Please Still Try, What You Burn
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