Channel One – “Pose & Posture”

Album Reviews | Sep 8th, 2009

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Record Label: Megalith Records
Genre: Ska
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Given the cartoony cover illustration of a rollergirl, I was expecting amateurish ska-punk. Happily, I was spared as this Texan group plays mature third wave that leans toward neo-trad. They reminded me very much of the Hotknives: good use of organs, midtempo pace, serious lyrics, clean sound, and a soft-spoken, alt-rock approach to songwriting.

Channel One differs from the Hotknives, though, with a more predominant horn section (like a less jaunty Allstonians) and Americana vocals that sometimes lapse into twang. A bit bland and white bread, but not unbefitting of this adult-contemporary style of ska.

Will Channel One shake your ass, let alone a rollergirl’s ass? Decidedly not. But it is an undemanding and pleasant listen in these uncertain economic times.

Bottom Line: Competent but groove-less neo-trad.
Notable Tracks: Let Her Run, Please
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