Chixdiggit! – “Safeways Here We Come”

Album Reviews | Apr 3rd, 2011

Record Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Genre: Punk Rock
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The last time Chixdiggit released an album in 2005, the United States had a different president, Michael Jackson was found not guilty of touching little boys, and there was a terrible hurricane in New Orleans. People come and go; things change but one thing that doesn’t change is Chixdiggit’s sound and I’m happy about that!

Their latest album is sadly only 7 songs, but those 7 songs are something else! The band is just the pop punk kings of Canada. Every song is catchy, and makes you bop your head back and forth. The album starts off with “Miso Ramen” which is a decent song, but it’s not until “Swedish Rat” where the album kicks into gears. “Hot N Horny” and “I Hate Basketball” bring out the humor of the band. Both fun, amusing songs with catchy hooks. Canada is known for hockey and Mounties, but Chixdiggit! should be included in there too!

Bottom Line: Incredible pop punk album from Chixdiggit!
Notable Tracks: Swedish Rat, Found Love, Hot N Horny, I Hate Basketball
Overall Rating:


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