Chris Murray “4 Trackaganaza!”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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My first ska show in ’96, I saw Chris Murray with LGB, and I was wondering what the hell this guy was doing up there. Today, I listen to his music in a whole different outlook. I think this stuff is great! The first track is really good, and it’s called “One Everything.” Chris Murray has been in the scene for awhile now, he used to have a ska band called King Appartus and I thought his vocals sounded like Jimmy Buffett. He’s been doing the solo thing for awhile now and it sounds like he’s really showing what he’s made of. I think this CD cost like 12 bucks to make! It’s kind of his trademark sound. Don’t expect this CD too be this pick it up huh huh ska band CD because it’s not. I thought his best songs were “So Many Roads,” “Pressure & Release,” Brave New Brian.” His shows he was influenced Jackie Mitto because his instrumental songs sound like something Jackie Mitto would do. I’m not sure if people will like this CD but I thought it rocked!

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