Clorox Girls “J’Aime Les Filles”

Album Reviews | May 15th, 2007

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Record Label: BYO Records
Genre: Power Pop/Punk
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There are many reasons to like the Clorox Girls. In an era when so many punks either play as hard and fast as they can, or just do the whole whiny Myspace punk thing, the Clorox Girls (who, by the way are three dudes) do a retro early 80s West Coast punk thing with a whole lotta power pop and grungy guitars. The songs are short and sweet, the production is made to sound like it was actually made around 1981, and plus, they’re from Portland, which is the big ‘it’ city right now.

However, there’s one glaring problem. As much as I love their sound, energy, and style, their songs just aren’t very good. The template is ready for awesomeness, but they’re just giving me bland, boring songs about nothing, lacking the pop hooks that made the Exploding Hearts shine a few years ago. In fact, the catchiest of all the songs is a cover of a 1970s French pop song called Le Banana Split (and major props to the singer for nailing the French!). There are a couple of decently written tracks, but the rest of it suffers from sounding like a fresh can of Coke that has gone flat before you even get to taste it.

Bottom Line: Great sounding early 80s power-pop punk with tunes that could benefit from being written better.
Notable Tracks: Le Banana Split, Flowers of Evil, Telephone
Overall Rating: