Coffinberry “God Dam Dogs”

Album Reviews | Jun 15th, 2007

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Record Label: Morphius
Genre: Indie
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The press release spins Nicholas Cross’ “nonchalant drawl” as a good thing. Dude sounds bored, and I get bored listening to him. Unfortunately, the music doesn’t have the catchiness or drive of the Strokes and similar bands that forgives such indifferent vocals.

Rather, Coffinberry’s sound is a weak blend of 80% early alternarock and 20% modern garage. They’re obviously big fans of the Pixies and the Replacements – nothing wrong with that – and they can play their instruments pretty well (particularly the drummer). But sadly, considering how great their influences are, Coffinberry’s songwriting is immensely dull and uninspiring. Worse, the album is peppered generously with lulls, and when they do rock out, it sounds like only the drummer bothered to show up.

Coffinberry’s heart is in the right place. I can’t fault a band for wanting to sound like the Pixies. But they can’t just phone in this shit. They need to grow some balls, rock out, and escape their fuzzy apathy. If they don’t care, then why the hell should we?

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