Comeback Kid – “Symptoms + Cures”

Album Reviews | Dec 13th, 2010

Record Label: Victory Records
Genre: Hardcore
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Melodic hardcore band from Winnipeg, Canada are back with another album, which came out back in August 2010. If you liked their previous stuff, wait until you hear Symptoms + Cures!

I don’t remember listening to Comeback Kid’s previous releases but these guys sound great! Symptoms + Cures is the second release where guitarist Andrew Neufeld is the lead vocalist. His vocals don’t take away from the music at all, and the band compliments his style quite well. The highlight of the album for me is “G.M. Vincent and I” and the title track “Symptoms and Cures.” Melodic hardcore never sounded better! Brutally fast songs, 80s-90s hardcore style. They take elements of the old school hardcore and make it fresh & new without stepping into the lame screamo category. This album shouldn’t be overlooked if you dig melodic hardcore or Comeback Kid.

Bottom Line: For fans of Gallows, VOD and One King Down
Notable Tracks: G.M. Vincent And I, Symptoms and Cures,
Overall Rating:


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