Contramano “Unsatisfecho”

Album Reviews | May 19th, 2007

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When I heard about Contramano, I was curious to hear what a classically trained cellist and an indie rock band would sound like. Contramano’s singer/cellist, Pablo Cubarle, came from Argentina to New York in 2001. The band was formed via an ad on Craigslist. See, people DO you use Craigslist besides hiring midget hookers! The trio released a self-titled debut and “Unsatisfecho” is their second album. If there is one band that Contramano sounds like is DeVotchKa. Both bands seem to have a quirky sound, and mix a lot of genres together. But Contramano is definitely a different band. I think their music is pretty good and they seem like they would be a blast to see live. Pablo seems like an energetic & eclectic guy. After all, the guy does seem to wear a superhero suit a lot in the photos I’ve seen. Not sure what that’s all about. Maybe he’s a rejected Aquabat perhaps? If you like a mixture of indie, latin music and rock than check out Contramano on Myspace here:

Bottom Line: Contramano have an eclectic style and I like it!
Notable Tracks: Unsatisfied, Tv Reality, From Somewhere To Tracy
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