The Creepshow – “Run For Your Life”

Album Reviews | Nov 11th, 2008

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Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Psychobilly
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Creepshow is a fun, simple, campy psychobilly/horror punk band that will inevitably (but inaccurately) get compared to the Horrorpops.

First: The album has a rocky start with a minute-long “sermon” intro, and then a too-brash punk tune “Rue Morgue Radio” that assaults with aggressive background male vox/chorus.

But I’m very glad I stuck with it, because the album then takes off with “Demon Lover”, showcasing Creepshow’s feel-good, playful, and slightly Pat Benatar-ish female vox; bouncy, upright bass; and a Cramps-y retro-50s rock feel. They also use keys, but are sadly too often delegated to the background.

The album continues to please with instantly catchy, sweet-natured horrorpunk confections (see Notable Tracks below). The background male vox, which at first seemed to have a problem with restraint, are largely used to great effect, such as on “Buried Alive.” (They resurface annoyingly only on the last track, “Long Way Down”.)

This is a solid release that’s perfect this Halloween for that special punk person in your life!

Bottom Line:
Notable Tracks: Demon Lover, Buried Alive, Take My Hand, You’ll Come Crawlin’
Overall Rating:


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