The Creepshow – “Run For Your Life”

Album Reviews | Nov 22nd, 2008

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Record Label: Stomp Records
Genre: Psychobilly
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The Creepshow are a Canadian horror punk/psychobilly band. They sing about horror flicks for the most part, and I really like their sound. Run For Your Life is the Creepshows 2nd album, first on Stomp Records. The album contains 10 tracks in total.

Obviously when listening to The Creepshow, youll hear comparisons to The Horrorpops and even Tiger Army. Horrorpops is a better comparison since the band features female vocals from Sarah Sin. I dont always review psychobilly bands that much, but when I do; I really like them. Its not something I usually listen to. Each song is different, catchy and just very good. I can imagine how good & fun this band is at a show. So if you live up north in Canada, check out the Creepshow and check out this album out as well!

Bottom Line: Great sophomore release from this Canadian horror Psychobilly band
Notable Tracks: Demon Lover, Run for Your Life
Overall Rating:


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