Dare Dukes & The Blackstock Collection – “Thugs and China Dolls”

Album Reviews | May 15th, 2012

Record Label: Starland Records
Genre: Folk
Band Link: www.daredukes.com
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Slightly jangly folk that goes at an unhurried donkey’s pace, “Thugs and China Dolls” has some unexpected gems. If you can get past the vocals that are simultaneously high, nasal, and mealy-mouthed, the lyrics are smart and the simple banjo-and-drums accompaniment can be cute.

To be honest, this doesn’t have repeat playability for me, but it filled the silence fine enough.

Bottom Line: Nerdy and mediocre but sweet-natured folk
Notable Tracks: Meet You At The Bus, Crooked Mouth, When The Sky Breaks
Overall Rating:


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