David Arnold and Michael Price – “Sherlock: Series Two”

Album Reviews | Jul 16th, 2012

Record Label: Silva Screen Records
Genre: Film Score
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Sherlock: Series One score was a nice surprise. I loved hearing that score and wanting to hear more of it, well now I have that chance since Series Two score by David Arnold and Michael Price recently came out.

The soundtrack starts off with a quick but lovely track for “Irene’s Theme.” The rest of the album is just going through the motions. Unlike the first series, this one doesn’t really have any stand out tracks besides “Irene’s Theme.” That doesn’t mean this score isn’t good, it’s just an album to leave on and do your thing. The music is more of the same as the first series in terms of how it sounds. It blends together nicely. Sometimes the tracks can be a little quiet, and little bit more dark. Since I haven’t seen the series yet, I’m assuming maybe the series is bit darker than first series.

But with that said, I still think these are some top notch scores for a TV Series. Fans of David Arnold will particularly be interested in Series 1 and 2 scores.

Bottom Line: A good score but doesn’t come close to Series 1 music
Notable Tracks: Irene’s Theme, Status Symbols, SHERlocked, One More Miracle
Overall Rating:


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