David Arnold & Michael Price – “Sherlock: Original Television Soundtrack Music From Series One”

Album Reviews | Apr 22nd, 2012

Record Label: Silva Screen Records
Genre: TV Score
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Sherlock has been getting great reviews but I haven’t seen the British TV series yet. I plan on seeing it, because it doesn’t seem like some weird Doctor Who style British show. Coupling’s Steven Moffat created and wrote the series with others so that’s an automatic plus right off the bat!

David Arnold and Michael Price do the score and do it well. I’m a fan of a few things David Arnold has done, mostly his James Bond music, as well as Stargate, ID4, and Little Britain. Michael Price is relatively new in the scoring world and has only done a dozen or so smaller movies (Hot Fuzz). The intro music is a bit jazzy but the rest of the score isn’t. Some of the tracks are piano focused tracks, but there’s a lot of exciting cues as well. The overall feeling for the tracks is a suspenseful feeling, but I guess they have to be considering the type of show it is. It’s a mixture of contemporary scores and traditional. It’s a nice blend.

Honestly, I like this score better than Hans Zimmer’s scores for The Sherlock Holmes popcorn movies. I also think I would like the series better than that crap. I like Guy Ritchie movies but those aren’t one of them. Based on what I read, the modern time Holmes seems more in the tradition of the regular Sherlock Holmes. Judging by the music, the show sounds like it’s going to be real entertaining! Looking forward to hearing Series 2!

Bottom Line: Better than other Sherlock Holmes scores out there.
Notable Tracks: The Game Is On, Pursuit, Numbered Systems, A Man Who Can
Overall Rating:


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