David Arnold “The Musketeer Score”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Probably the best thing about this movie besides the swordfighting was the music score. It really has that epic swashbuckle feel to it. David Arnold has done a few great scores like Independence Day and Stargate. I think this score is one of his best and I certainly think he’s a composer that will get more and more wellknown as his years progress. The “Main Title” has that great orchestra sound with an impressive horn section. “Fight Inn” is another excellent track and so is “Coach Chase.” They are both two awesome action cues. David Arnold has a sound similar to John Williams’ sound. This score also has nice soft songs like “Down The River, ” and “I Will Find Him.” If you saw the movie and thought the music score was great, then it’s definitely worth getting. It’s still worth getting if you didn’t see the mediocre movie

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