Daylight – “Sinking EP”

Album Reviews | Nov 27th, 2010

Record Label: GTR Records
Genre: Melodic Punk
Band Link:

Melodic punk in the Hot Water Music vein. Heavy distortion/reverb and tinny, cymbal-heavy drumming give them that classic post-hardcore production that sounds like it was recorded in an underwater echo chamber.

Vocals are appropriately gruff without being annoyingly shouty. Their pace is mostly midtempo with downtempo intros and breakdowns; I like that they’re not trying to be furiously raw or noisy, but some of the songs on this EP feel long and bogged down.

Bottom Line: There are a couple of great tunes on here, but overall, the EP could benefit from a deeper sense of urgency.
Notable Tracks: Screwed Up, Dreams
Overall Rating:


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