Daze “Slow Down To Speed Up”

Album Reviews | May 20th, 2007

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Record Label: Livid Records
Genre: Garage
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Swiss band Daze are great for the first ten seconds. After that, you realize their downtempo, stripped down psych-garage/grunge is nothing but repetitive. Their tunes have good 2-bar melodies, but they loop with little variety within songs, turning them insufferable.

The vocals are sometimes raspy and listless – think Kurt Cobain, especially (ironically) on “Get Fame.” Other times they go for a garagey Iggy Pop thing, but their sound is too flat and dull to be cathartic and dangerous.

The band has potential to be a decent retro-garage band, but they’re held back by a lack of energy and inventiveness. They sound like they don’t even want to be there, so why should I care either?

Bottom Line: Garage big on moodiness, low on originality.
Notable Tracks: Aftertaste Hits First, I Want You Here
Overall Rating: