Die Young TX “Graven Images”

Album Reviews | Jul 27th, 2007

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Record Label: Eulogy Recordings
Genre: Metalcore
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Die Young isn’t a standout band, at least musically. Their angry, thrashy metalcore offers nothing but the bare minimum non-suckitude that is easily forgettable. But they are an anomaly in metalcore with their intelligent lyrics.

That can’t be understated because I rarely hear metalcore embrace political or philosophical ideas, and when they do it’s usually the same ol’ outraged bursts of Ohmygosh, the media lied to me! or Ohmygosh, life sure sucks and my friends stabbed me in the back! Ohmygosh.

Die Young, though, is at least thoughtful. The liner notes’ intros to their lyrics namecheck a formidable stable of thinkers like Sigmund Freud, Joseph Campbell, George Orwell, Thomas Moore, and Upton Sinclair, as well as a slew of contemporary sociologists and lefty historians. The lyrics are all metalcore takes on these question-authority molds.

It’s too bad, then, that the music isn’t engaging. With one-minute songs that all sound the same, the album is just a quick blur of mediocre metalcore. You can have something meaningful to say, but who’s going to care if the delivery is boring as hell?

Bottom Line: Well intentioned lyrics get drowned out by bland mediocrity.
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