Downslave – “Cost Of Freedom”

Album Reviews | By on Jul 10th, 2011

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Thrash
Band Link:

Very strong, groove-ridden thrash metal from Knoxville. Great range of riffing with a mix of downtempo and midtempo doom rock riffs, chunky Pantera-style guitarwork, and power metal soloing, sometimes simultaneously. (Vocals also seem Pantera influenced.)

They manage these tempo changes, as well as rhythmic changes, very nicely – this could’ve been a sloppy mess in less adept hands. This is a tight group that can blast you with blistering thrash while keeping a melodic groove. Even a song called “Total Aggression” has excellent, varied riffing parts, tight drumming, and lyrics you can make out.

With good political/anti-war lyrics and professional production by Cory Smoot (one of GWAR’s Flattus Maximuses), this is a great-sounding album that would appeal to a wide range of metal fans.

Bottom Line: The rare gem of good songwriting in blistering thrash.
Notable Tracks: Cost of Freedom, Total Aggression
Overall Rating:


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