Drop Dead, Gorgeous “Worse Than A Fairy Tale”

Album Reviews | By on Nov 3rd, 2007

Record Label: Suretone/Interscope
Genre: Post-Hardcore
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Fans may be disappointed by the less-raw, more-polished direction taken on this album, but I like that it’s accessible without being totally wussy.

There are some emo and emocore elements, but the band’s base is swirly, progressive post-hardcore. It works for them. A lot of emo bands try to seem interesting and smart by adding angular, dissonant edge to their corny sound, and they fail miserably in a transparently lame mess. But DDG come from the other direction – starting with tightly-controlled post-hardcore, dripping bass, and metal guitars, and smoothing it out with a good use of layered singing, occasional keys, and melodic guitar lines.

This is an interestingly high-concept, full-sounding album where challenging structures and poppy melodies work shockingly well together. Although markedly different bands, in terms of inventiveness in the midst of today’s youthful and stale punk/emo sound, these guys remind me of Latterman at their prime.

Bottom Line: Impressively smart, interesting post-hardcore/emo band.
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