Dubnicks, The “How To Be Cool”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Fork In Hand Records
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I have to say I didn’t know what to expect when I first unwrapped this CD and placed it in my CD player. The back cover shows the three members of the band looking like goof balls so that caught my interest and though I’d give it a listen. This album is emotional pop-punk at its best. Phil Dubnick (vocals) has a very unique voice which adds to the great musical quality of this disc. The album opens up with “Surgery”…… a face paced poppy song filled with emotion and feelings. The Dubnicks have a way of making you like their album. They have that kind of addicting sound that you can play air guitar to like no other. I was very surprised at the fourth track “Stripmall Beauty Queen” ! They slow down the pace and include rad spoken word type stuff which adds to the musical expertise of this Cd.”Super Jaded Heart” is the most emo song on the album and it’s very well put together. It doesn’t have that whiney emo sound and I made it through the track headache-free. Rock on Dubnicks! You want pop-punk? Are you a fan of 90210? If you are you have to check out “Aaron Spelling World”. This is pop-punk and its finest. The songs all about what happens in an Aaron Spelling world. The Dubnicks wrap this Cd up with a song titled “Good Night”. What can I say……. what better way to wrap up an album than the way they did. This is another up and coming artist that I’m sure we will hear more about. They aren’t your average opening act for your favorite band. The Dubnicks know how to be cool!

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