El Centro “Prohibido”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Finger Records
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Another Spanish named California punk band, but their name means “The Center.” El Centro sound like a cross between Swingin Utters and The Descendants. The band has been around since ’95 and this band actually sounds really awesome. I’m glad this Cd came in the mail because I’m really enjoying it. They also have some ska/reggae influence songs like “Bouncy Song” and “Waiting for the Sun.” Reading their bio, El Centro has been through a lot, and been through a terrorist attack in Indonesia and that traffic event killed their former manager. The singer, Steven “Crab” Cabler, who was injured in the attack, finally came back into the punk rock scene and now is rockin’ out again with El Centro. I was surprised how good this band was, definitely check out El Centro!

Bottom Line: Shit yeah!
Notable Tracks: “No Denial” “Bouncy Song” “Disaster All”
Overall Rating: