Endangered Feces – “Number 2”

Album Reviews | By on Nov 5th, 2008

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Record Label: Overdose On Records
Genre: Punk
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Remember the time when punk rock bands used to make ridiculous albums about the stupidest of things and just not give a fuck? Probably not because Im old and youre not.

Endangered Feces seem to have a major hard on for anything and everything shit related. Some of their songs include Dirty Sanchez Will Not Be Denied, Deuces Wild, Little Brown Zeppelins, Turd Shack Boogie and City Dump to name a few. The thing is, the band dont take themselves too seriously (obviously). Does Anybody Remember Laughter? sums that up. While most people may find the potty humor childish and immature, I actually found myself chuckling from time to time. The throwback to some of the earlier 90s pop punk bands was kind of a welcoming sound. Oh, and between the 45 second long punk rock songs about fecal matter was a cover of Willie Nelsons On the Road Again. Yeah, I dont know either.

Take away the shit songs, the 30 second songs and the third grade humor and you have. well theres really nothing else leftexcept a punk band that just wants to have fun and make asses of themselves. Thats not so bad after all, is it?

Bottom Line: 13 songs about shit, 1 about sniffing gas and a Willie Nelson cover. Its a fairly rounded album.
Notable Tracks: Turd Shack Boogie, F.U.B.A.R., All Systems No
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