Family Force 5 – “Dance or Die with Vengence”

Album Reviews | Jun 18th, 2009

Image used with permission for review purposes.

Record Label: EMI
Genre: Crunk
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This band is seriously one of the most annoying bands I’ve ever heard. What awful, horrible music. Who on Earth would listen to this shit besides stupid teenage girls? This Christian “Crunk’ band headlined the AP Tour this year, which I’m glad I didn’t end up shooting this tour this year. For one, all those bands on that tour brought a hair stylist along on the tour. It just goes to show you what’s really important with most bands these days.

Family Force 5 mix pop, post-hardcore, rap, electronica and other shitty genres together to bring you one steaming pile of Christian poo. This CD sounds like all the wimp boy bands you heard in the 90s, but remixed and made to sound even more annoying. Track 2 “Get Your Back Off the Wall” lasted 2 seconds before I had to turn it off. Repeated beats and noise drives me up the wall and I can’t listen to crap like that. That pretty much sums up Family Force 5 and their latest (and hopefully last) album. Avoid this garbage at all cost.

Bottom Line: One of the worst bands ever!
Notable Tracks: None
Overall Rating:


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