Fellow Project “Where’s The Wire?”

Album Reviews | Apr 11th, 2007

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Record Label: Make or Break Records
Genre: Indie
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The nice folks at Make or Break read my early review of this record, where I basically asked why I was sent a vinyl record, which to me is about as useful as a broken tire. So Make or Break made me a CD copy so I could review the album. Very cool of them that’s the sort of service you just don’t get from record labels anymore.

And you know what? This band should put this stuff out on CD. It’s great stuff. Maybe even brilliant. And it’s like they’re not sure it’s good so they only make it available to weird basement-troll fat guys who still have record players.

No way, Fellow Project. You need to be more optimistic. You guys are good! The vocalist has a Lou Reed nasal thing going, where each lyric sounds like it ends in a question mark, but this dude doesn’t sound as pretentious as most guys who do that. Come to think of it, the whole thing sounds like “New York”-era Lou Reed, which isn’t a bad thing when done well.

And these guys do it really well, adding a little alternarock and a little garagey folk and a little twangy shuffle and a little Pixies flavor (occasional female vocals add a sweet flourish). Songs are well written and well executed. This is probably the best album Lou Reed never recorded.

They have lyrics like “I hope I know better than to listen to what anybody says,’ but Fellow Project, listen to me. Embrace the future and put your music out on a “compact disc!” Damn you retro hipster kids!! Damn you all to hell!!!

Bottom Line: Great Lou Reed-ish rock on vinyl.
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