Fishbone “Still Stuck In Your Throat”

Album Reviews | May 26th, 2007

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Record Label: Sound In Color
Genre: Punkskarastafunk
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Fishbone is back with their first album in seven years and their first good album in…well…a very long time.

Fishbone has decided to take their Earth, Wind and Fire sound from Psychotic Friends and throw it out the door. Special guest appearances on said album: 28 give or take. Special guest appearances on Still Stuck In Your Throat: 0. Other than that, comparing those two albums is like comparing night and day. On Still Stuck In Your Throat, those wacky nuttwerkz in Fishbone went back to their roots…waaaaay back to their roots. This album is chock full o’ ska, punk, crazy metal and just about everything else that made Fishbone so lovable back in the 80’s.

There are a handful of decent songs on here, but overall there are only a few songs that with time you could consider as classic. This may attribute to all of the new members of the band being unfamiliar with each other in a studio setting. Some of the songs are a drawn out and a little out there even for Fishbone standards. A couple of the songs sound like just noise and can get to the point of being unlistenable. (Ie The Devil Made Me Do It) There’s more good than bad on this album by a long shot. If you want fast ska/punk, you got it with tracks like “Jack Ass Brigade” or “Faceplant Scorpion Backpinch”. If you still want some funk, you can listen to the ten minute long “We Just Lose Our Minds”. If you want something that sounds like “Everyday Sunshine”, how about the soothing sounds of “Forever Moore”, a song dedicated to Angelo Moore’s sister? Also included is Fishbone’s take on Sublime’s “Date Rape” from the Sublime Tribute album. And to think that that song couldn’t get any faster…and then I heard Fishbone’s version. Whew!

It has been quite sometime since there was new material from Fishbone and it’s been an even longer time since there was something that I really enjoyed. Well here it is. If you’ve been a fan of Fishbone but felt that, much like myself that their last few albums were anything but memorable, then you must listen to this album. It will single-handedly re-energize those long since dormant Fishbone particles that have laid dormant for ten plus years. Seriously jackass.

Bottom Line: Fishbone is back…with a vengeance.
Notable Tracks: Jack Ass Brigade, Skank ‘N Go Nuttz, Party With Saddam, Forever Moore
Overall Rating: