Fjord Rowboat – “Under Cover Of Brightness”

Album Reviews | Mar 7th, 2011

Record Label: S/R
Genre: Indie
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Gently psychedelic, shoegazing indie with a dream-pop pulse. Drenched in reverb and echoey vocals, Fjord Rowboat almost float away in a gauzy haze, but energetic and forward-in-the-mix drums keep them earthbound.

“Under Cover” has the potential for being a great listen, but the echo effect on the vocals is overdone, turning a Morrissey-like brooding airiness, at times, into grating melodrama.

This isn’t a bad album to zone out to, but some tighter songwriting and a lighter hand in the production booth would help these guys a lot.

Bottom Line: Pleasant but not very memorable.
Notable Tracks: We Are On Time, Cottonwood Glacier
Overall Rating:


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