Four O – “Tales of the Unexpected”

Album Reviews | Apr 3rd, 2011

Record Label: Do The Dog Records
Genre: Ska Punk
Band Link:

Do The Dog Records’ latest album is out now, and it’s from Four 0. The ska punk band are from Bournemouth, Southwest, UK. The band teeters from pop punk to ska/reggae. Fans of bands like Sublime, Bedouin Soundclash and other ska influenced bands might like this band.

Four 0 have 2 songs (“Step Back,” “Clash Horns”) in the beginning of the album that are just okay. I wouldn’t have necessarily used those songs to start the album because I don’t think they truly represent the band’s sound. I think the best track is track 3, “Stay That Way.” It’s a bouncy ska/reggae song similar to ones that 311 or Sublime do. Something along those lines, but it’s a style they should stick with it. The rest of the album is better than the first two tracks. My advice is to stick to the acoustic ska, and ska/reggae songs and drop the pop punk songs.

Bottom Line: The album starts off meh, but gets better from track 3 & on.
Notable Tracks: Stay That Way, Lost & Lonely, Goosfrabar
Overall Rating:


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