Frederik Wiedmann – “Green Lantern: The Animated Series”

Album Reviews | By on Nov 11th, 2012

Record Label: La-La-Land Records
Genre: Film Score
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The Green Lantern animated series isn’t something I’d necessarily watch but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t listen to the score. I usually listen to scores of things I don’t like, don’t watch or I know is bad. Frederik Wiedmann’s score of the Green Lantern is lively, memorable and big in scope. This is a TV score right?

For being an animated series on Cartoon Network, the Green Lantern certainly has an epic-sounding score. Most big Hollywood movies don’t even sound this big! From the very first track (“The Green Lantern Main Theme”) to the end (“Victory”), this score was great to listen to. It wasn’t boring, had a lot of exciting tracks, and is about 70 minutes worth (36 tracks)! Fans of good scores and the series will enjoy this one.

Bottom Line: Great epic-sounding score!
Notable Tracks: Green Lantern Main Theme, Hal vs Atrocitus, Red Empire, Victory
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