Generators “The Winter of Discontent”

Album Reviews | Nov 24th, 2006

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Record Label: Sailor’s Grave Records
Genre: Punk n’ roll
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The Generators are so freakin’ good, you should apologize to them for not being worthwhile enough to listen to them.

They take the best aspect of punk n’ roll – the amazing guitar sound and ultimate rockitude, and downplay the worst aspect of it – the sleaziness and cocky attitude. What you’ve got is something that ROCKS, but rocks naturally. There is no too-cool feeling here – in fact, they’re so unpretentious of their coolness, they almost blow it by being corny. The lyrics are sung sincerely and passionately in an English way, as if the dude doesn’t realize he’s in a blistering punk n roll band, but maybe in a frou-frou mod band from the 80s.

What’s most amazing is that they pull it off and they’re from LA – where this type of punk becomes so cocky and glammy, you have no choice but to hate it and the entire city of Los Angeles along with it. The Generators don’t care about all that LA garbage – they just wanna rock out their heart of hearts. That means emphasis on melody, actual singing, personal lyrics and smart songwriting. Just listen to Room with a View – the wistful, sad-tinged vocals, the melancholy but rockin riffing – it’s like they’re the reincarnation of the Jam, trying to break through a punk n’ roll scene they were born into.

Come to think of it, they’re not punk n’ roll at all. They’re like a new wave of mod, starring only them. They are visionaries, and I am visionary for recognizing it. I rule.

Bottom Line:
Notable Tracks: Walking Away, Crawling on Top, Room with a Viewk, From A to Z
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