Get Help – “The Good Green Earth”

Album Reviews | By on Apr 8th, 2011

Record Label: Midriff Records
Genre: Indie
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The songs on Get Help’s sophomore album take a while to build up and then don’t really go anywhere. The music has a nice amount of fuzz, kind of a harmless 90s alternative feel, but there are just no hooks or payoff – not even a good, catchy chorus part.

Repetitive, boring guitar lines and percussion add to the feeling of uncomfortably waiting for something to happen. It’s unfortunate because the vocals are good and the band has potential – it would be nice to hear them rock out instead of phoning it in.

The best I can say about Get Help is that they sound a little like REM without the hits.

Bottom Line: Boring REM.
Notable Tracks: Big Mistake, You Should Be Home By Now
Overall Rating:


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