Glamour Kings – “Front Row Seat To The End Of The World”

Album Reviews | Jul 13th, 2011

Record Label: Unhinge/Urge Records
Genre: Dance Rock
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I have a slight headache after listening to this album. I can still feel the pound of synth bass and drums and the constant guitar loops that accompanied them.

Glamour Kings try to push aside the dance rock/electronica vibe for a few tracks but “Front Row Seat To The End Of The World” or “FRSTTEOTW” for short falls into the same repetitive pattern that the drum and bass does.

The band tries to throw out messages dealing with the hardships of youth, the sad state of society, poverty and conformity all to the sounds of danceable club music. I’m sorry but it sounds like the Glamour Kings have missed the point of their own messages. Please
don’t conform to what’s popular but our music sounds like any generic club music. Dance to us!

Bottom Line: Dance rock that sounds like anything that would be played at your local dance club.
Notable Track: 3 Miles (because it was the last track on the album:
Overall Rating:


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