Greg Edmonson – “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception”

Album Reviews | By on Dec 7th, 2011

Record Label: La-La Land Records
Genre: Game Score
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It’s not everyday that I review game scores. Game scores are just as cool as film scores and soundtracks. I can still remember classic game scores to Zelda, Super Mario 2, and Goldeneye. Greg Edmonson composes the music for the third Uncharted game, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. I’m not a video game person anymore but the game looks pretty cool, and the music sounds good as well.

There’s a total of 120 minutes of running time on this album! That’s 2 disc, 26 tracks on the first and 18 on the second disc. Most of the tracks don’t go past 3 minutes but there’s a few that do. The quality of the score is impressive, especially since it’s a video game score. It’s hard to pick out standout tracks since there’s just so many tracks! The score has elements of Middle Eastern flavor to it, mixed in with something you’d might hear during the Mummy movies, Hildalgo or Indiana Jones. This video game series is pretty much Indiana Jones after all. This is worth looking into if you like movie or game scores.

Bottom Line: This score is long and entertaining, even if you don’t like to play video games.
Notable Tracks: Nate’s Theme, The Settlement, Nowhere To Run
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