Hank Williams – “The Unreleased Recordings”

Album Reviews | Nov 22nd, 2008

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Record Label: Time Life
Genre: Country
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I’m not a country fan but for some reason I love Hank Williams.

When people ask me if I like country, I say I like Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. Thats it, the rest I cant stand. Well thats not true, I grew up listening to Gene Autry Christmas songs and love that too. But anyway, I got the chance to review this Unreleased Recordings from the legendary Hank Williams and his band. Its a fantastic set of Williams performing all his classics and a few rare gems as well. The 3 disc set contains 54 songs (out of 143) from 1951, for a radio show that was sponsored by Mothers Best Flour. These songs were recorded during his peak, and when he was touring nonstop. Hank would take the time to sing on the radio, so people could hear him perform.

A lot of the songs, you may not even know and thats because he never recorded them. He sings covers of songs, as well as his own. He even goes into some explanations about the songs as well. So out of all the recordings you may have heard from Hank Williams, the recordings have doubled now; thanks to The Hank Williams Estate and Time Life.

Jett Williams, the long lost daughter of Williams, writes a touching story in the CD set. About how she fought to find out the truth that she was Williams illegitimate daughter, and the battle to get these recordings released to the public. The set is presented like a book, and I like the way it was setup. I enjoyed reading everything in the liner notes while I listened to the box set. This set is excellent and if you call yourself a country western fan, then you better get this rare collection of songs by the first Country Music superstar.

Bottom Line: A Fantastic set of extremely rare Hank Williams recordings
Notable Tracks: Hey good Lookin, Dear John, Ive Got My One Way Ticket to the Sky, Mind Your Own Business
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