Harry Gregson-Williams – “Unstoppable”

Album Reviews | Dec 12th, 2010

Record Label: La-La-Land Records
Genre: Film Scores
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The latest Tony Scott thriller is a movie called Unstoppable, starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. This time, there’s a runaway train that can’t be stopped. Denzel and Chris’s characters are the ones who have to stop it before it leads to destruction. Not sure what to think of the storyline but since it’s a Tony Scott movie, I probably will at least attempt to watch it when it comes to video.

Harry Gregson-Williams composed the music for the thriller, and that’s exactly the type of music you get. Thrilling, electronic percussion score that Gregson-Williams has done in the past. No surprises there. The first few tracks start off subtle and dramatically slow, but the score & the tension builds up over the course of the album. There aren’t really that many tracks that stand out from one another. I’m sure the album works well in the movie, but listening to it on CD gets a bit boring and I just don’t have any strong feelings for it. It’s okay but I prefer Gregson-Williams score like Kingdom of Heaven, Narnia movies, Shrek and Prince of Persia. I’m not sure I blame Gregson-Williams for this style of score; I think I blame Tony Scott. As soon as I heard it was a Tony Scott movie, I just knew what type of score I’d get. Next Tony Scott movie, I’d like to see something that is less predictable.

Bottom Line: A predictable score
Notable Tracks: Frank Barnes, Who Do I Kiss First?
Overall Rating:


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