Hatebreed “Perseverance”

Album Reviews | Mar 1st, 2005

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Record Label: Universal/Stillb
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CT’s own are finally back with their ridiculously long awaited follow up to “Satisfaction is the Death of Desire.” Boy, it does not disappoint either. Back with a vengeance Hatebreed kicks ass in major ways, including their major label support from Universal. Can you say 7 figures? Hatebreed is the only band that I know that takes them 4 years to put out a 3035 minute album. Nevertheless it is an awesome album. Every song is heavy, extremely heavy. Any fan of hardcore will love this album, especially you newbies that first saw Hatebreed rock on the Ozzfest the past two years. A mustget album!

Bottom Line: Hell yeah
Notable Tracks: “Perseverance,” “I Will Be Heard (First Radio Single)” “Healing to Suffer Again,” “Remain Nameless”
Overall Rating: