Holy Roman Empire “The Longue Duree”

Album Reviews | Jul 7th, 2007

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Record Label: Hewhocorrupts, Inc.
Genre: Post-Punk
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Imagine intricately melodic guitar noodling, the warm but sometimes eruptive atmosphere of Sunny Day Real Estate and Superchunk, alternarock production, and explosively talented female vocals. It’s hard to imagine, and that’s what makes Holy Roman Empire’s great sound that much more impressive.

The music is precise and quintessential melodic post-punk, but it’s Emily Schambra’s vocals that steal the show. There are overdubbing and echo effects, but they’re unnecessary – she is exceptionally naturally talented, with a stunning, powerful set of lungs. What’s interesting is that she doesn’t rely on sultriness or sweetness to be successful – her enormous voice speaks for itself, you can say, and it will knock you over.

Bottom Line: Like Superchunk and Evanescence meeting and figuring out how to be relevant in 2007.
Notable Tracks: The Ace, An Alliance of Thieves, Olympus
Overall Rating: