Hoods “Ghetto Blaster”

Album Reviews | Jul 7th, 2007

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Record Label: Eulogy Recordings
Genre: Hardcore
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For tough guy hardcore, Hoods is very good. Musically, they’re a real stand out. That’s not because of speedy technical wizardry or heavy, thrashy metaltude. Just the opposite – the band is great because they don’t overplay, which allows percussion and riffing to have some serious groove.

For those who aren’t familiar with Hoods, they do the classic midtempo hardcore sound very, very well. They even tune the drums skins tight for that 80s-esque high timber that I love. The vocals are also strong – classically shout-out aggressive without today’s overpowering screaminess.

You never get the sense though that the band is imitating the past, but revisiting the punky elements that have been largely abandoned by today’s show-offy metalheads. In that punk vein, Hoods tunes run under two minutes, giving you a perfectly measured taste of a song before you get sick of it. And while most of the songs have the standard aggro lyrics, you have to love a feel-good tune like “Don’t Fight, Let’s Party Tonight.”

Bottom Line: Another strong release from a consistent band.
Notable Tracks: I Can’t Take This, Willie Nelson and a Twelve Pack, Road Warrior, Don’t Fight, Let’s Party Tonight
Overall Rating: