Hostage Calm – “Hostage Calm”

Album Reviews | Jul 11th, 2011

hostage calm

Record Label: Run For Cover Records
Genre: Indie Pop
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Brilliant power pop with a prog-emo/post-hardcore approach to songwriting and structure. It’s like someone took jangly guitar pop and injected it with super math rock serum, turning it into a finely tuned melodic-punk pop monster. Or maybe this is just what a good emo-pop band should sound like. (I never heard a good one before…)

Hostage Calm is striking with its top-notch, precision musicianship (the percussion work will knock you on your ass), bright hooks, solid vocals/lyrics, and fully realized sound. This band is bridging a number of styles in a way that is very pleasing both aesthetically and technically. Impressive, sirs.

Bottom Line: Smart, intricate pop.
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